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Author Cassie Lee
About Cassie Lee

I wrote When A Child Cries to assist parents and educators how to explain to very young children who has lost a a sibling, loved one, or a friend to cancer. As we know cancer does not discriminate. I am living proof of this being diagnosed with breast cancer and also losing my son in 2005 who was diagnosed with Hodgkin's disease. My dear son was tormented by other children that did not understand and at the age of 15 years old he took his own life because of ridicule, bullying and being ostracized by other children that did not understand. As a retired Early Childhood Teacher I watched a little girl no older than 4 years old deteriorate from Intrinsic Pontine Glioma a 
(Brain Tumor). She was a strong willed child and she came to school until her strength eluded her. Her friends and many other children had questions, because they could see how her body and her face changed over time. When she died her friends did not understand why and this is the question that must be addressed so as to promote awareness and to stop the bullying and teasing. Education as we know is paramount. It is my objective to provide a learning source that a parent and teaches can sit down with a four year olds and up and explain what cancer is and answer to them what happened to their loved one or their friend. It was challenging for me to write this children's book, but it is not so hard anymore to answer the one question that they always ask. Why?
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When A Child Cries, may be one of the smartest children book written within the last 10 years.